Manage access to your data with robust role-based controls

Role-based access control is your key pillar to protect your data

Set yourself up for success with elDoc by implementing role-based access control best practices. Allow users to access the data and perform actions needed to fulfill their job requirements and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. Comply more effectively with security requirements for data confidentiality, integrity and privacy with elDoc!


Gain tighter control over data access at different levels

Commit to the “principle of least privilege”. Build multi-layer role-based framework based on core elements: global administrators, roles, permissions

Allow global administration and reduce complexity

Change access for your staff all at once by altering permissions associated with a role. Make changes quickly based on a role rather than individual attributes

Decrease risk of breaches and data leakage

Restrict access to users based on their roles within an organization. Permit read-only or read/write access to certain roles and limit a user’s ability to access data

elDoc-Role-based access control

Establish easily company wide control to maintain desired level of security

elDoc offers a robust and easily manageable approach to granular access rights management. It is built based on the following core elements: global administrators (users who are authorized to create roles, grant permissions for roles and control overall global security settings for your company based on “four-eyes principles”), roles (users grouped by functional attributes following your organizational structure and defined R&R) and permissions (rights granted to particular roles or individual user to perform particular action in the system)

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