Make the data actionable and useful for your business operations

Make your noisy data consistent with post-processing capabilities  

Transform your data into forms valuable for your business operations with elDoc post-processing capabilities. Low-code post-processing capabilities enabling you to refine, standardize and make your data consistent. By leveraging post-processing capabilities available in elDoc you may apply custom verification and cross-checking logic to make your data unified, clean and integral


Data post-processing is a value added capability designed to enhance your data derived from different documents  

Once data has been captured from different sets of documents, the data could be very inconsistent across and contain quality issues such as missing values, record duplication, noise, inconsistent data format, etc. Moreover, some data shall be additionally cross-checked and verified against known values or other reliable sources of data  (e.g. captured value shall match the value from the precisely defined list of values, sub-totals shall be equal grand total, PO number shall contain the known pattern, etc.). Post-processing is a critical to business operations capability enabling to perform a kind of “data enhancement” by making captured data clean, neat, verified and consistent across


Cross-check & verify your data

You can cross-check the extracted data with predefined or referenced values, verify that line items sum up to a total, etc.

Unify & standardize your data

You can standardize and unify your extracted data e.g., by converting the diversified date formats to a single target format

Track & validate exceptions

You can validate data that has not passed through post-processing rules via user-friendly interface by correcting / adjusting the captured data set

Easily build your custom logic to post-process your data

Once data has been acquired, there are a number of things that you can do with it: review, validate and post-process. By leveraging low-code data post-processing capabilities in elDoc you may easily create your custom verification, cross-checking rules to make your data consistent and integral across. Let your custom automation work for you!


PDF format support

Data capture and validation from PDF

PNG format support

Data capture and validation from PNG

JPEG format support

Data capture and validation from JPEG

TIFF format support

Data capture and validation from TIFF

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