Easily collaborate, edit, and share content with your team members


Work together. Work from anywhere. Work more efficiently

Create your single Digital Workspace for your entire Team with elDoc – all-in-one Software for online document collaboration, content sharing, online chat, document version control and end-to-end document management. Our Integrated Automated Platform is available as SaaS (Cloud) as well as on-premises to best meet your automation requirements.



Many companies around the world are still experiencing the clunky, frustrating process of document editing and approval. Time to make decision and finally to sign off the document could take ages. Tracking the changes manually, sending the files back and forth, revising and circulating the edited documents between the teams via emails with comments – is no longer a solution!

Companies willing to achieve success and improve internal operational efficiency shall consider possibility to create easy, flexible digital environment for document collaboration that will help to eliminate these frustrations, and introduce really efficient and enjoyable for work collaborative features

Create and edit the document with your entire team

Create variety of document forms, link the documents by content nature, share the documents for review with your team members to accelerate decision making and improve operational efficiency


Easily collaborate and edit the document with your team members

If anyone else is working on the document, you will see their changes in real-time and you may continue working on the same document with your entire team simultaneously. Real-time document collaboration has never been easier!

Preview your content online without downloading the file

You may preview your content online without a need to download a file. In addition, you may configure settings on how you would like to preview the file: in edit mode OR only as PDF OR preview as image OR just to deactivate such option for some users


Streamline and build your custom document workflow

Design your document workflow with a simple, intuitive, No Code capabilities. Create, Share, Edit, Workflow and Store your content in easy and secure way. End-user can now easily build, change, customize workflows even “on the fly” utilizing built-in BPM Designer without writing a single line of code


Real-Time File Editing

Edit files by different users simultaneously to maximize collaboration and improve operational efficiency

Document Version History

Get a complete overview on document version history, roll-back to the previous document version where required

Document Version Control

Track and manage multiple versions of the same document, keep a clear record on who has created the document and changed it over time

Multiple File Formats Support

Create, edit and share documents in different file formats: Text, Spreadsheets, Presentation, PDF, Multimedia

Instant Chat Messaging

Share your thoughts instantly with your teammates in real-time, get immediate response from your team to complete your tasks

Document templates

Standardize your document templates across different organization units, apply the same patterns across your diversified range of documents

Document templates auto-completion

Deliver greater data consistency through leveraging document templates auto-completion functionality

Document Access Control

Provide access to data and information only to authorized user or group of users / organizational units

Document Archiving

Store your documents in central document management archive by providing access rights only to authorized users

PDF format support

Upload and preview PDF Documents

Text format support

Create and edit Text Documents

Spreadsheet support

Create and edit Spreadsheets

Presentation support

Create and edit Presentations

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