Intelligent data extraction from utility bills of different complexity


Take step forward to move away from papers and manual data entry

Extract, recognize and process data from utility bills with AI-powered Integrated Automated Platform – elDoc. By leveraging elDoc you may capture and process data intelligently from different utility service providers. Our Integrated Automated Platform is available as SaaS (Cloud) as well as on-premises to best meet your automation requirements.

Why it is important to automate utility bills processing?

Manual data entry is no longer a solution

Utility Bills processing is a very cumbersome, time-consuming process, especially for companies that have several distributed offices (premises) that need to settle utility bills to different Utility Service Providers for different utility services provision (gas, electricity, water supply, telecommunication, etc). Streamlining and automating utility bills processing becomes nowadays one of the key automation tasks for every company that is planning to increase its business efficiency and cut operational cost


Industry Leading AI-powered OCR

Recognize data from utility bills with Industry Leading OCR to achieve high data accuracy rate. Recognize the images of machine printed, handwritten text, “check-list” forms by converting the data into digital format

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Intelligent Data Extraction & beyond

Extract data from variety of document types using document-agnostic integrated intelligent automated platform powered with AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. Smarter. Simpler. Faster

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Image enhancement & normalization

Improve image quality before processing. Enhance the image quality, adjust the rotation, scaling, perform geometric correction, remove unnecessary artifacts, improve image contrast, smooth objects on image

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Document Management & Storage

Create, edit, approve, sign off, share, and store your documents in a simple and secure way. Become 100% paperless and increase your document management efficiency with single digital platform

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Data Validation & Cross-Verification

Verify your data through user-friendly interface for cases where data recognition level is below the defined threshold. Leverage automated data cross-verification capabilities to achieve greater data consistency and integrity

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APIs for integration & data export

Build smart integration leveraging REST API. Use JSON format to build robust integration with other applications / systems or use CSV format for quick recognized, validated / cross-checked data exporting

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Intelligent Data Capture

Target data capture leveraging advanced mathematical models and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms

Data Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Data Validation

Data validation through user-friendly interface for cases where data recognition level is below the defined threshold

Image Enhancement

Image right-sizing, rotation, whitening background, removing unnecessary noise, image cropping, enhancing contrast, etc.

Batch Processing

Processing files containing different types of the documents that are spanning across hundreds of pages

Document Classification

Cognitive document classification by detecting variations and differences across submitted batches of documents

Document Management

e2e document management, document workflow automation, smart document search including full-text search

Document Access Control

Providing access to data and information only to authorized user or group of users / organizational units

Document Archiving

Storing documents in central document management archive by providing access rights only to authorized users

Reduce your utility bill processing cost by up to 70% with elDoc

Automating utility bills processing with elDoc has never been easier! Extract data from utility bills (scanned or digitally generated) from different utility service providers using Industry Leading OCR along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities


Smarter. Simpler. Faster. Deliver automation from day one

Build your custom automation without writing a single line of code. Extract data from variety of utility bills types using integrated intelligent document-agnostic automated platform. Simplify your utility bill processing with elDoc! Manage your utility bills processing from anywhere, anytime

PDF Support

Reading data from Portable Document Format (PDF)

PNG Support

Reading data from Portable Graphics Format (PNG)

JPEG Support

Reading data from Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

TIFF Support

Reading data from Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)

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