Build document forms in minutes for virtually any use


Design your custom document form quickly, with no code!

Design your custom document forms of any complexity and link created forms to your document workflows without writing a single line of code. Empower anyone in your organization to design document forms with user-friendly, intuitive and multi-featured elDoc Form Designer!


Variety of Fields Type Support

Create custom fields of different types: text, number (integer), number (fractional), date, date time, check-mark, list of values, data from CRM, document reference, signature, table, etc.

Online Document Form Preview

Preview online created document forms before publishing with possibility to modify it where required. Introduce changes “on the fly” with easy-to-use document form designer capabilities

Access Control & Permissions

Set controls over who may have access to create document forms and trigger respective workflows. Assign edit right permissions to authorized users / group of users to modify created forms

Document Form Registration

Enable automated document form registration where required. Define workflow phase on which document registration number shall be assigned to. Set your custom patterns for document registration number

Connecting Form to Workflow

Define path (folder) where document form will be located for the user / group of users to access it. Connect created form to workflow or several workflows if conditional rules to be applied

Document Form Templates

Set required document template per document form. Define rules on document template replacement. Enable where required template fields replacement with data from the document form


Create document form of any complexity with elDoc

Design your custom document form with multi-featured elDoc Document Form Designer. End-users can now easily build, modify, customize document form “on the fly” without writing a single line of code. elDoc Document Form Designer supports many types of form fields enabling to create forms of different complexity for virtually any use

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All-in-one, multi-featured document form designer

Permission & access control, document form library, online document form preview, document form templates management, document form advanced configuration settings, possibility to connect workflows to the created document forms – all what you need to create quickly document form with intuitive and multi-featured elDoc Document Form Designer

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Create unlimited number of reusable document forms

With elDoc Document Form Designer you may create an unlimited number of reusable document forms and make it available to the respective users / group of users / units to access, modify and re-use them. Scale automation quickly – you can choose an existing document form from the document form library and modify it for your custom automation needs in a matter of minutes

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Workflow Designer

Easy-to-use, Simple, No Code Document Workflow Designer! Build quickly and intuitively your custom document workflow

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Workflow Control

Real-time monitoring for better actions! Empower your team to keep track of actions that really matter for your business processes

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Full-Text Search

Search through content inside the files / documents in an easy and simple way! Eliminate the endless search for content you need

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