Simple and intuitive way to build your document workflows


Easy-to-use, simple, no code document workflow designer 

Build quickly and intuitively your document workflow scenarios with No Code Document Workflow capabilities. elDoc provides an easy-to-use and simple way to build an unlimited number of document workflows of different complexity. Now you may quickly create either sequential workflow scenarios or parallel document approval flows. With elDoc there is no need to write a single line of code to create your custom document workflows!


Unlimited number of Workflows

Create an unlimited number of document workflow scenarios in elDoc. Scale automation within the company without limitation

Sequential and / or parallel Workflows

Build your perfect workflow with elDoc. Define the way your workflow will be routed (in sequential, in parallel or hybrid mode)

Workflow Optimizer

Apply settings where required to optimize document approval flows. Automatically optimize the workflow if participants previously provided their approval

Fixed or Flexible Workflows

Define a fixed or flexible workflow route. Pre-define responsible users for fixed workflow or define them “on the fly” for flexible workflow scenarios

Workflow Templates

Create unlimited number of reusable workflow templates and scale them across different departments and units

Permissions & Controls

Grant access only to authorized users to create / kick off the workflows. Set required permissions and controls on document workflows


Create your document workflows instantly with elDoc

Create your custom document workflows with elDoc Workflow Designer. elDoc Workflow Designer is a self-service automated engine that empowers users to create document workflows of different complexity and deploy automation fast, from Day One. Get your automated document workflows up-and-running quickly without writing a single line of code

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Create unlimited number of reusable workflow templates

With elDoc Workflow Designer you may create an unlimited number of reusable workflow templates and scale them across different units and departments within your company. Create your custom document workflow in a matter of minutes and deploy automation fast to improve your operational efficiency from Day One

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Everything you need for your workflow: follow up & notifications

Set responsibles, deadlines and track actions in real-time to boost productivity at scale. Enable notifications in elDoc for every user to get notified and reminded of upcoming deadlines or action to be taken. With elDoc, it is easy to build your custom document workflows, set additional tasks “on the fly” and collaborate with your entire team, no matter where you are

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Track your entire workflow life cycle in real time

Get greater insights through advanced monitoring capabilities. Track your document workflow life cycle through visualization. Monitor your entire workflow life cycle online (in real time mode). Advanced monitoring and audit trail capabilities enabling both business users and IT staff to greater understand and better manage document workflows

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Full-Text Search

Search through content inside the files / documents in an easy and simple way. Find relevant content as quick as on the web

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Text Recognition

Read and recognize machine-printed, hand-typed characters, numerals, filled check-boxes and bubbles with Industry Leading OCR

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Analytics & Reporting

Drive greater operational efficiency and productivity through analytics and performance measurement capabilities

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