Apply different types of permissions & controls to safeguard your files

elDoc_File management

Safeguard your files with robust permission controls 

Manage access to your files at an individual level or in bulk with an advanced permission & access control capabilities. Manage and control in an easy and simple way access permissions at any folder and sub-folder level. Ensure appropriate level of access for every user or group of users. Put data security and compliance first with elDoc!


It’s crucial to have control over what users can and can’t do with the data

Having in place robust permission & control framework over your file is crucial for your business operations in order to protect files containing sensitive information from unauthorized access, copying, viewing, printing, uploading, deleting, and editing.
elDoc granular file permission & control capabilities give you the power to control who can create and access folders and files, and what kind of access permissions users or group of users will have at different levels


Manage access to your files at an individual level  

Grant or limit permissions to particular user to perform particular action (access, upload, create, copy, replace, print, delete, change)

Perform bulk modification of permissions

Instead of granting access to each user individually, you may assign users to groups (finance / legal / managers) and grant or limit permissions to them in bulk

Manage permissions on Active Directory level

Apply centralized administration for access control and permissions. Save your time & efforts and perform permission modification centrally

Control permissions inheritance

Set permission settings on the top level and they will flow down to all children folders / sub folders automatically. Disable inheritance from parent to child folders where required

Control master permissions settings

Control and set permissions who can edit / change permission settings and controls in your company. Put security and compliance first

Secure access from anywhere

Access files from anywhere, anytime and any device in secure way with multi-layer authentication method (including multi-factor authentication)

Easy-to-use interface for managing permissions of your files

Protecting your sensitive files is a top priority. Managing the permissions and setting up required controls over your files shall be straightforward. That’s why we bring you an easy-to-use settings to set up advanced configurations for increased security over your files. Enable different levels of permissions and controls with easy-to-configure capabilities in elDoc

elDoc_File management


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