Extract data from various document types in seconds. Smarter. Simpler. Faster.


Extract data from different type of the documents, not just invoices!

Go beyond invoice process automation with elDoc – AI powered software. Extract data from variety of document types using document-agnostic automated platform. Simplify your document processing with elDoc! Our Integrated Automated Platform is available as SaaS (Cloud) as well as on-premise to best meet your automation requirements.


Utility Bills

Utility Bills from various utility service providers that may include a monthly statement of the amount a household or business owes for essential services or utilities

ID documents

ID Documents that may be used to prove a person’s identity such as a passport, driving license, identity card, certificate of birth, other records issued by the authorities


Declaration Forms of the different nature that may include the information that is relevant and obtainable in a particular situation such as but not limited to: health, import / export, tax declaration, etc.

Service Reports

Service Reports from different professional service providers that may include detailed overview and records on activities performed and / or services delivered

Company Registry Documents

Legal documents or licenses issued by the government or, in some jurisdictions, by non-governmental entity that may include information about company incorporation

Booking Forms

Booking forms are formal documents that confirm the order placement on product / services and may include detailed product / services specification

Student Transcripts

Student Transcripts are formal documents issued by educational authorities that serve to indicate students’ status, courses taken, grades attained, grade point averages, etc.

Bank Statements

Bank Statements from different banks that may include list of transactions, deposits, charges, withdrawals, as well as the beginning and ending balance for the period

Application Forms

Application Forms of different nature such as but not limited to: membership, citizenship, scholarship, travel, loan, medical, trademark application forms, etc.

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogs are marketing documents that may include product features, descriptions, dimensions, price, weight, availability, colour, customer reviews, etc.

Travel Documents

Travel Documents of different nature issued by the authorities that may include respective authorization to travel abroad and re-enter the country legally upon return


Certifications or Diplomas issued by the authorities to confirm that the person has specific knowledge or skills in the related subject or discipline

Financial Statements

Financial Statements issued by government agencies, accountants, audit firms that may include records of the financial activities and performance of a business

Claim Forms

Claim Forms of different nature that may include a formal written request to the government, an insurance company, or another organization for refund

Tax Forms

The formal document of income made to the tax authorities and used as a basis for assessing an liability for taxation for individual or business

Multiple document types processing

Processing files containing multiple document types

Diversified document types support

Processing documents of different nature and layouts

Captured data post-processing & clearance

Applying additional business logic for data clearance

Captured data cross-validation & verification

Applying additional business rules for data verification

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