Ensure data consistency and integrity with robust verification capabilities


Validate your data through advanced automated capabilities

Verify your data through user-friendly interface for cases where data recognition level is below the defined threshold. Leverage automated data cross-checking capabilities to increase data accuracy rate. Apply granular access control functionality to validate data only by authorized users. Manage your exceptions more efficiently by leveraging automated queue management capabilities.


Automated data cross-checking

You can cross-check the extracted data with predefined or referenced values, verify that line items sum up to a total, etc.

Automated data standardization

You can standardize and unify your extracted data e.g., by converting the diversified date formats to a single target format

Exceptional cases validation

You can validate exceptions via user-friendly interface by correcting or rejecting the captured data with further record tracking

Data validation by authorized users

You can protect your data by restricting access to authorized users. Only authorized users will be permitted to validate data where necessary

Automated validation queue management

You can segregate validation workflows based on document origin. Automated document locking while another user is working on the same document

Automated validation tracking and audit

You can review all actions performed in respect to validation. All validated or rejected documents are routed according to the workflow and stored in centralized document archive

Why data validation is important?

Data validation is a crucial step in scope of Intelligent Document Processing as it ensures that business can completely trust the data. Requirements to data validation is driven by specific business needs. Most of the captured data could be validated via automated mode by enabling cross-checking and verification capabilities. Data validation via human in loop is mostly applied when data recognition level is below the defined threshold. Data validation is a proactive way to safeguard one of your most valuable assets


PDF format support

Data capture and validation from PDF

PNG format support

Data capture and validation from PNG

JPEG format support

Data capture and validation from JPEG

TIFF format support

Data capture and validation from TIFF

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