Simple way to search through content inside the files / documents

elDoc_Full Text Search

Full-text search: quickly find the content you need just in seconds

Search through content inside the files / documents in an easy and simple way! Eliminate the endless search for content you need, streamline your document scanning, apply automated document indexing, arrange efficient file management with elDoc.

Work more efficiently with elDoc – all-in-one, cloud-based digital platform for Intelligent Document Processing, No Code Workflow Automation and Content Management! 


How does full-text search work in elDoc?

Full-text search in elDoc enables you to search and quickly find a requested record across thousands of documents stored in elDoc. Full-text search in elDoc takes seconds to execute either your simple or complex query. Hundreds of different file types such as Word, Excel, Powerpoints, PDFs are supported in elDoc for full-text search. You may perform full-text search of OCR’d documents, Office and PDF files and quickly find the content you need in just a fraction of a second. 

With elDoc you may perform full-text search also through scanned images. elDoc uses industry leading OCR for text recognition that enables users to perform the search through recognized text as well. 

elDoc full-text search capabilities enables you to search for specific content created in the system as well as through inside the documents / file-attachments (Text, PDF, XLS, PPT).

Find relevant content as quick as on the web

Full-text search in elDoc allows performing search through documents and database not only by a document title or other document attributes, but also by content stored inside the file-attachments. elDoc provides document indexing capabilities to make searching through thousands of records quick and precise.  Find relevant content faster with elDoc full-text search capabilities!

elDoc_Full Text Search


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