AI-powered data extraction from Service Reports


Іntelligent data capture from service reports

Simplify and automate your document processing with elDoc – Integrated Automated Platform that is available as SaaS (Cloud) as well as on-premises. Achieve faster time to value with No Code Automation. Achieve greater results through deploying end-to-end automation. elDoc provides intelligent automated capabilities to define rules for data capture, validation, post-processing, cross-verification, management, and workflow automation


Automatically capture and recognize data from large volumes of documents in seconds with the power of AI

Go beyond OCR with AI powered Document Processing Solution. Handle in easy and simple way wide range of documents. Turn your data from services reports into meaningful data set with Integrated Intelligent Document Processing Solution. Accelerate your path to end-to-end Intelligent Document Processing: capture, enhance, recognize, verify, cross-check, post-process, manage, automate, analyze and maintain your data through single digital platform


Intelligent Data Capture

Target data capture leveraging advanced mathematical models and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms

Data Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Data Validation

Data validation through user-friendly interface for cases where data recognition level is below the defined threshold

Image Enhancement

Image right-sizing, rotation, whitening background, removing unnecessary noise, image cropping, enhancing contrast, etc.

Batch Processing

Processing files containing different types of the documents that are spanning across hundreds of pages

Document Classification

Cognitive document classification by detecting variations and differences across submitted batches of documents

Document Management

e2e document management, document workflow automation, smart document search including full-text search

Document Access Control

Providing access to data and information only to authorized user or group of users / organizational units

Document Archiving

Storing documents in central document management archive by providing access rights only to authorized users


Reshape document processing with AI & other cognitive capabilities

Unlock true automation value by processing documents more efficiently, and turning captured data into deeper insights faster than ever with AI powered Document Processing Solution. Leverage built-in cognitive capabilities to accelerate digital transformation faster

Extract & recognize printed and handwritten text across different languages

Extract and recognize data from wide range of documents with Cognitive Document Processing Solution. elDoc supports 120 + languages for text recognition (if your deployment is on premise) and 60+ languages for text recognition if you use elDoc as SaaS (Cloud)


Design your workflows with simple, intuitive, No Code capabilities

Apply quick on-the-fly set up to deploy and scale automation across geographies. Design your document workflows with BPM (Business Process Management) Designer. End-user can now easily build, change, customize workflows even “on the fly” utilizing built-in BPM Designer without writing a single line of code


Utility Bills Processing

Extract data from Utility Bills and Automate Utility Bills processing from e2e perspective with out-of-the-box capabilities

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Bank Statements Processing

Turn Bank Statements into meaningful data with AI Document Processing Solution

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Invoice Processing

Simplify your Account Payable Process with elDoc – Integrated Intelligent Document Processing Solution

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PDF Support

Reading data from Portable Document Format (PDF)

PNG Support

Reading data from Portable Graphics Format (PNG)

JPEG Support

Reading data from Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

TIFF Support

Reading data from Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)

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