Go beyond OCR with AI-powered Document Processing Solution

Simple. Robust. Hyperautomated Platform

Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding, Content Management and e2e Document Workflow Automation

elDoc-Automated Integrated Platform

Single Digital Platform

Fully-featured Integrated Automated Platform for Intelligent Document Processing, No Code Document Workflow Automation and Content Management from Anywhere

  • Industry leading Intelligent OCR providing high data accuracy rate for data recognition
  • No Code BPM for continuous operational excellence and end-to-end document workflow automation
  • Easy-to-use document processing platform with access from anywhere and any time
  • Available as SaaS (Cloud) and on-premise
  • Trusted by many high-performing companies around the globe
  • Powered with AI and cognitive automated capabilities
  • Robust Security Framework to protect your entire automation journey


Achieve Greater Intelligence with AI

  • Upload, Enhance, Capture, Recognize, Validate data from scanned or digitally generated documents
  • Achieve high data accuracy rate through leveraging cognitive capabilities
  • Process complex documents, not just invoices
  • Leverage API to integrate with your solutions / third party applications
  • Automate data processing holistically. We go much beyond. elDoc is not just IDP, it is fully Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for end-to-end document processing. Along with IDP you are obtaining robust & profound Document Management, BPM, Document Archive, Smart Document Search, Access Control, Monitoring, Audit, Analytics & Reporting and many more other automated capabilities

Deliver Automation Faster with No Code

  • Design your document workflows with No Code capabilities
  • Fill data automatically to your document forms
  • Create unlimited number of document forms and related document workflows
  • Create, Edit, Approve, Sign off documents online, delegate your authorities when required, set deadlines with further follow-up / e-mail notifications
  • Leverage Analytics & Reporting capabilities to gain greater insights over staff performance, identify faster bottlenecks in document workflow related processes
  • Leverage API to integrate with your solutions / third party applications
  • Forget about papers in your organization and become 100% paperless



Manage your content in smart way

  • Create, Edit, Upload, Access content from Anywhere, 24/7 from any device
  • Collaborate instantly with your entire team, review and edit content in real-time, keep track of all edits via document version control capabilities
  • Chat with your teammates online to speed up content creation & publishing
  • Establish access control rules to greater manage sensitive content and data
  • Leverage Audit and Monitoring capabilities to keep track of all actions performed by users
  • Apply Intelligent Content Search features to quickly find any fragment of content among thousands of records
  • Drive operational efficiency through smart automated techniques: built-in social business gamification, organizational structure, extended users profile, personalized e-office and many more

Data Capture

Target data capture leveraging advanced mathematical models and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms

Data Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Image Enhancement

Image right-sizing, rotation, whitening background, removing unnecessary noise, image cropping, enhancing contrast, etc.

Data Validation

Data validation through user-friendly interface for cases where data recognition level is below the defined threshold

Batch Document Processing

Multi-page and multi-document files processing. Processing files containing different types of the documents that are spanning across hundreds of pages

Document Storage

Robust and secure framework for document archive and content storage. Access 24/7 from any place and any device

Document Workflow

“No Code” BPM (Business Process Management) Designer to set document workflows of different complexity

Analytics and Reporting

Reporting & Analytics to review staff performance, identify bottlenecks, review document processing status, etc.

Multi-Language Support

120+ supported recognition languages including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, etc.

Content Management

Create, edit, publish and store content. Granular access right control capabilities for content edit, update, preview, download

On-line Collaboration

Create, edit, review, approve and sign off documents online; delegate authorities; set deadlines with further follow up, edit document simultaneously by different users

Document Management

Create unlimited document forms / templates, define mandatory document fields, set required data type (text, check-box, number, date, values list, etc.)

Organizational Structure

Create groups, roles, units, departments, entities with hierarchical subordination. Organizational structure visualization

User Profile

Create user profile (initials, avatar, organizational unit, contact details, etc), review social endorsement

Light CRM

Light version of CRM to greater manage related document workflows and suppliers / vendors documents

Smart Content Search

Extended document search filters, narrow content search capabilities, full text search to quickly find required data among thousands of records

Access from Anywhere

Access single platform from Anywhere from any device: PCs, Tablets, Mobile Phones

Security & Access Control

User authentication, access control, granular access rights management capabilities, document version control

Monitoring & Audit Trail

Robust monitoring & audit framework. Workflow monitoring in real-time. User actions log. System log, audit trail

Open API

Integration with any third-party applications, RPA-platforms, Active Directory via available REST API

Accelerate your digital transformation with AI and No Code

  • Deliver Automation Faster with No Code
  • Automate your semi-structured data with AI
  • Achieve real-time decisioning
  • Work from anywhere, any time
  • Scale your automation easily to maximize ROI
  • Visualize your performance to drive greater productivity
  • Say goodbye to manual document processing
  • Stay always ahead to accelerate your growth

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